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Invest to create multiple streams of income

Discover How InvestReady Wealth (II) Helps You Accumulates Wealth

While Receiving A Potential Income From Dividend-Paying Funds

Rachel has gotten herself an InvestReady Wealth (II) MIP 10 Years Plan and an annualised premium of S$5,000. She picks dividend-paying funds for her investment portfolio – with a potential dividend payout of 4% at the end of each policy year, and opted to receive potential income.




100 %

The values in the above illustration are rounded off to the nearest dollar, and based on illustrated investment rate of return of 8% p.a. and 2.5% fund management charge. Based on an illustrated investment rate of return of 8% p.a., the values are: account value at end of Year 4: S$49,721, account value at end of Year 8: S$86,059, account value at end of Year 12: S$121,107, account value at end of Year 16: S$156,486. Illustrated account value at end of Year 20: S$189,122, 79% from his initial capital. Total potential dividends: S$89,126, total potential returns: S$278,248, 116% from his initial capital.

All values in the above illustration are non-guaranteed, and are subjected to the distributions and performance of the chosen InvestReady Fund(s).

Welcome Bonus

Get a head-start with a welcome bonus in the first policy year in the form of additional units

Diversified Portfolio

Build a portfolio that meets your financial goals with over 100 funds to pick from

Loyalty Bonus

Enjoy yearly loyalty bonus after the end of your chosen Minimum Investment Period (MIP)1


Enjoy flexibility in varying your regular basic premium2 and partial withdrawal3, and top up your premium at any time

Make Your Investment Work Harder

100% of your regular basic premiums paid will be put to purchase fund(s) units


Be covered against death and terminal illness at a higher of 101% of your total basic premiums paid6 or account value

Receive Payouts

Get potential income when you invest in dividend-paying unit trust funds, starting from policy year 14

Optional Add-Ons

Get additional protection with optional critical illness waiver coverage, cancer waiver coverage, or payor benefit